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Saloon Interior Designs

The design of your hair salon is more important than any other aspect. The type of hair salon decoration and interior play a significant role in attracting the right type of client to your salon. It’s not surprising that salon owners dedicate so much time to their salon layout and decor. I have compiled the most stunning hair salon interior designs I have seen to give you inspiration for your upcoming salon remodeling project. Hairdressing salon pictures provide ideas for salon stations, reception areas, shelves, and waiting areas. Observe the salon images below to see how the professionals utilize salon lighting, wall decor, and color schemes to create the most stunning hair salon designs. Where possible, I have included salon layouts, floor plans, and blueprints for the design projects. I’ll always be adding new images of hair and beauty salons to this post, so it’s worth bookmarking or pinning it to your Pinterest board so you can return to it easily. I would like to thank the professional salon architects and designers who created the hair salon designs in the post for allowing me to share their work.

Impressive Saloon Designs


If you plan on designing a hair salon with a minimalist style, make sure you get only a few pieces of furniture that are both simple and functional.

White or light walls are typically used in these interiors, along with one or two accent colors to make the space more vibrant. 
Smaller studios can benefit from a minimalist design, which creates a more spacious feeling. The place is more appealing to a wider range of customers because it has a pristine, clutter-free, and professional feel.
Retro – Nostalgic and Fun
There is no limit to finding inspiration for an old-fashioned hair salon in any era. Nevertheless, the 50s, 60s, and 70s are typically among the most popular options.
The retro design solution can be customized to fit your target audience, which is a great feature. 
Natural – Go Green
The incorporation of natural and nature-inspired decor elements into the design of your hair studio will result in an atmosphere that is fresh, pure, and relaxing.
Natural interiors are designed with an earthy color palette that includes shades of beige, brown, green, gray, and black. 
Bohemian – Mix and Match
The bohemian style interior design, also known as boho, is a great option if you like the earthy palette but want a bit more creativity. 
Glam – Luxury and Elegance

This type of hair salon will appeal to clients who are willing to pay more and expect a 5-star experience. It’s crucial to employ only professional stylists and provide the best customer service possible.
Industrial – Packed With Character
Passersby will find industrial interior design to be unconventional and captivating. This is an excellent choice for your studio to stand out from the competition if you feel like it matches your aesthetic.