Pooja Room Interior Designs


  Pooja rooms should have an interior that facilitates peaceful engagement with the Almighty, from the wall colors to the idol’s direction. Enliven the most sacred space of your home with these divine Pooja room designs.

We understand how to translate peace and prayer into our Pooja room designs. Whether you’re searching for a space that is grounded in Indian tradition or something with a contemporary aesthetic, we can make it happen! Browse through our extensive selection of Mandir designs that are both affordable and customizable for your home. Livspace offers free cost estimates.

   To set the aura right for positivity, peace, and prosperity, a Pooja room are the heart of a home. This place is known for its harmony and we enjoy simply sitting back, meditating, and indulging in the spiritual feeling. It is necessary to create a heavenly environment in this space that welcomes solitude, divinity, and elegance.

  Since most of India’s population lives in apartments, modern Indian style Pooja room designs are the most searched on Google these days. Due to the lack of space in urban cities, many people struggle to design a page area and cannot afford a separate space for it. Having this crucial place in your home is not impossible, regardless of this. Whether it’s on the top of the cabinets or installing a multi-tiered Pooja unit, you can find a corner to design your Pooja room.


         Wood is a versatile material that can be used in home interiors and furnishings, and it can add warmth and beauty to any area. The carved wooden structures in a Pooja room remind us of the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that can be found in old temples. Small Pooja cabinet designs can be viewed in a small home. Wood is a costly material in larger houses, which is a drawback. 


   The grace of any interior design is diminished if there is not enough lighting. The mood and environment are both improved by it. To enhance tranquillity, it’s advisable to have a natural light source in your room. If natural light isn’t available, utilize artificial lighting. The page room can look fabulous and lively with a chandelier in the middle. To maintain the idol as the center point, consider adding more lighting around it.


 Interior designers recommend a glass Puja room, despite being slightly unconventional, as a fashionable Pooja room design for Indian homes. Puja room doors can still be designed with glass, even though it is somewhat delicate. 


                                      Brass idols are commonly found in South Indian Pooja halls, which are typically constructed from wood and decorated with carvings. Both idols and images are kept in the temple. Wood can be used to construct the Mandir and be positioned against a wall. Putting the idols on the Mandir shelf allows for plenty of space for flowers and dies. In the afternoon, the Mandir doors of South Indian architecture are closed. You have the option to emboss or print the word ‘Om’ on a backdrop. A brass bell adds to the wonderful ambiance.

                                         Traditional Pooja Room Designs

                                Prayer and meditation are the main functions of a traditional Pooja room in Indian homes. This place of worship should be placed in the northeastern corner of a home when designed according to Vastu. A Pooja room that is driven by devotion should elegantly convey feelings of serenity and warmth. Traditional Pooja room designs can be elevated from usual home decor accents to bring peace to both your mind and soul, not to mention that.

                              Deep-rooted traditions and values that have been passed down through the generations can be embodied in a Pooja room, regardless of whether you have a spacious duplex or a small apartment. To create a tranquil atmosphere, a place that is important should have modern design elements and traditional staples. These Pooja room designs range from minimal to the ultimate traditional, making them perfect for any home.