Importance of flooring in interior designs

Our ability to crawl, wobbling, and walk on the floor has progressed over time. When it comes to designing our homes, we often prioritize the color of the walls, furniture, and art pieces.    We neglect to look down during all of this, which is why the flooring is neglected.

Your interior’s look and feel can be drastically changed by flooring. It’s true that it has the potential to either enhance or destroy the appearance. If it’s time for you to renovate or redecorate your house or office, it’s important to start the process by planning things from the ground up.

Wood flooring:

Contemporary Indian decor is always dominated by wood. The entire decor can be complimented by its subtle shades, rustic appeal, long-lasting service, and distressed looks.

Timber is used to make hardwood flooring designs, and engineering hardwood is the more durable and stylish version.

Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly addition to this family. Bamboo is used instead of timber, as the name suggests. Bamboo belongs to the category of organic materials because it grows faster in nature.

Pros of Hardwood

It is ideal for home interiors, particularly in the living room or bedroom.

*Complements the interior’s various shades and themes perfectly.
* Creates a cozy atmosphere to make you feel at ease at home.
* Coordinates well with reclaimed furniture or any vintage-styled décor.
* It’s cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain, and looks attractive.

Indian Patent Stone (IPS)

                 The design of IPS is heavily influenced by Indian culture. This floor is accommodating to every Indian habit and is suitable for every Indian house. With thoughtfulness and beauty, you can pair it with your posh interior, whether it’s rough and rustic or subtle and appealing.

IPS can ensure the integrity of your interior from generation to generation.

                    This floor design has a color scheme that ranges from muted grey to more colorful shades. The term ‘Red Oxide flooring’ is used when it’s painted red. When you go back to your old family house, you may be reminded of the memories of your childhood spent on red oxide flooring.

Pros of IPS flooring

  • Designed to be rough, tough, and able to handle all the wear and tear.
  • Appropriate for both residential and business premises.
  • It is suitable for both the inside and outside of the house.
  • Despite being hot in India, it remains cool.
  • The patterns and designs are beautiful.
  • A choice that is both affordable and highly favored.

Marble flooring

                Talking about love will give you the chance to marvel at the Taj Mahal! The cool white shades of the floor design make the marble flooring stand out. We believe that this flooring will be breathtakingly marvelous if chosen as part of your interior designing project.

                Marble flooring is available in stunning patterns to match the modern decor world’s pace. With its refreshing charm, this floor design is here to refresh your decor.

Pros of Marble flooring

  • If you’re looking for luxurious Indian homes/commercial spaces, this is the first choice.
  • Meets the requirements of any room or space.
  • It has a captivating appearance both inside and out.
  • A pleasant atmosphere is created by the cool surroundings.
  • The structure is sturdy, durable, and simple to maintain.


Vinyl Flooring 

The design of vinyl flooring is a treat for those who are tired. It is a flexible DIY flooring design because of the remarkable designs, patterns, tiles, planks, and sheets. The illusion of wood or stone is created and the interior is dramatically brightened with color.

People who are interested in creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere in their home prefer vinyl flooring. If you don’t want to overthink the flooring, this is a great option as it perfectly matches your diverse decor preferences
Pros of Vinyl flooring

* The flooring that is most preferred for pets.
* It can be used to meet the flooring needs of any room.
* Water-resistant, affordable, and long-lasting.
* Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, or areas that use a lot of water frequently.