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We offer a wide range of services from simple cutting and folding to turnkey delivery, including assembly, finishing, component assembly, labeling, packaging, and delivery. Our professional design team and modern facilities provide our customers with quality products at a reasonable cost in a relatively short lead time.


All work is produced according to best industrial practices, using only quality materials from local suppliers.


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We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

water pumps

Irrigation systems are most efficient when the pump selected is matched to the water source, distribution system, and irrigation equipment.

Earth Augar

To improve drilling performance and avoid lockups, our auger heads are easy to remove and feature offset teeth rather than a fixed plate.


chaff cutter machine

Designed for the uniform chopping of fodder for live stock, or raw material for agro industries, this is a precision engineered chaff cutter machine.

paddy thresher

Cleaning the Paddy is made easier with the blower built into the unit. A single acre can be threshed every hour with this thresher. These threshers are capable of threshing maize and displacing corn cubes with few mechanical changes.


power weeder accessories

Our power weeder accessories are designed to accommodate a wide range of agricultural tasks. Power weeder accessories can be used for many additional tasks, such as weeding and removing moss.


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When you don’t know how to manufacture a product, developing a design may seem futile. Bringing your products to market,  requires a clear understanding of your budget and business requirements.

Any tool that reduces waste or increases productivity during production falls under the category  Physical equipment, software programs, production processes.

Our production machines allow you to integrate standardized components and systems into custom production processes. Function packages and automation components are selected depending on the specific requirements.



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