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Cast aluminum alloys possess a high degree of dimensional stability, even when they have thin walls and complex shapes. A wide range of durable shapes and components can be produced by aluminum die casting, which is efficient and economical. 

The die casting process provides very close tolerances even when producing very complex shapes, so very little machining is necessary after an aluminum part is cast.

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Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

In hot chamber machines, molten metal flows continuously into the pressurized compartment through a pressure chamber connected to the mold cavity. Molten metal is fed into the casting die when the chamber’s cylinder reverts to an unpressurized position.

The Low-Pressure Die Casting

An aluminum component that rotates around an axis of rotation is best suited for low-pressure die casting.

In a pressurized chamber, metal is pulled upward and into the mold when pressure is applied (usually between 20 and 100kPa).

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

After the mold is closed, molten metal is ladled into the cold chamber sleeve from a separate holding furnace. The casting part will be injected into the mold after the metal has been forced into the die and solidified. Melted metal is added to the compression chamber after being melted outside.

The Vacuum Die Casting

In addition to offering enhanced strength and minimal porosity, vacuum pressure casting (VPC) is a relatively new method of die casting. Low-pressure die casting is similar to this process, except the molten metal bath and die are reversed. 

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