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  Mechanics and engineers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors use computer numerically controlled machining to produce high-precision parts. The process involves programming software or computer controls to instruct a machine to move and function.

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Various applications of these processes can be found across industries such as medical, aerospace, industrial, oil and gas, hydraulics, firearms, etc. CNC machines can machine metal, plastic, glass, composites, and wood, among other materials. 

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CNC milling machine

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CNC machining also provides versatility for manufacturing, giving you the option of using different materials for parts that are manufactured according to your specifications. It is possible to create custom components or rare replacement parts with this level of precision.

Plasma Cutting Machine

plasma cutting

The method of plasma cutting, which is a thermal cutting technique, is widely used to cut and engrave metal. Cutting this way ensures high-quality and precise cuts without any material deterioration, making it one of the fastest methods available.

CNC Router machine

 In CNC routers, a high speed rotating cutter is controlled by computer programming to perform cutting and shaping operations. These machines can cut a wide variety of materials, including plastics, woods, carbon fiber, and light metals, such as aluminum.  

Small CNC Machine

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Many tasks can be handled by small CNCs. Custom products or prototypes can be made with them. They can engrave and cut with lasers, router bits and knives. Shops can carve, etch, burn, and even draw on wood, and they can use plastics, metals, and stones for projects like signmaking or mixed media cabinet doors.

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