Living Room Interior Designs


   Modern can encompass many things, and if you think about it, so can a living room. Nowadays, open-floor plans take up the space that used to be occupied by smaller, self-defined rooms, resulting in living rooms that can serve multiple purposes. Your life revolves around reading books, watching Netflix, eating meals, entertaining guests, and living. A multifaceted design scheme is necessary for these modes of living modern life.  

 Admittedly, a living room and the modern aesthetic don’t seem like a particularly compatible pair. Sarah Sargeant, the principal and cofounder of Cochineal Design, says that hearing about a modern living room can be a sign of a sterile, austere, and one-note look. But is that the case? The gap between welcoming and well-appointed can be effectively bridged by modern living rooms. Augusta Hoffman, a designer based in New York, explains that modernity has a streamlined tone that balances historic forms with a new sensibility.

  Achieving a modern look can be achieved by incorporating anything from minimal mid-century, natty to neutral, chrome to concrete. Where do you start when attempting to discover your own interpretation of modernity? Hoffman suggests that the most successful modern spaces find beauty in practicality, while using rich materials to soften the minimalism. Sargeant agrees. For us, modern means it satisfies our lifestyle needs while also being minimally lean.

It can be challenging to create a living space that is both present and timeless despite these prerequisites. Our search for sleek spaces that push modernity into its furthest reaches has led us to comb through our favorite living rooms from the ELLE DECOR archives.



                   Modern design doesn’t need to be limited to right angles alone. The asymmetrical room of this California retreat, designed by Noz Nozawa, is enhanced by a Casey McCafferty cocktail table that appears to have the potential to come to life.


                 With some thoughtful accessories, anyone can make a sleek living room appear warm and welcoming. In this Brooklyn townhouse, Ishka Designs added a lot of charm by using intriguing ceramics and eye-catching artwork. The result? A living room that satisfies the balance between luxury and living-in.


         Furniture with an atypical silhouette is a surefire way to add visual intrigue to living room essentials, unlike boxy armchairs and rectangular sofas. A Park Avenue pad was revamped by the design duo of Ashe Leandro with a curvy lounge chair from Move Mountains and a bulbous custom sofa upholstered in Rose Uniacke wool.


          I want to add color to my dull walls, but traditional artwork seems too dated? Consider decorating your space with decorative mirrors, just as Jacques Grange did in this Portuguese pad. The woven arrangement adds some character to this spacious room, while the number of reflective spaces also helps bounce the light just right.


          Neutral-colored living rooms can be anything but monotonous. If you’re in need of convincing, take a look at this comfortable space designed by Cochineal Design. The pared-back palette is more refined with a rich array of light wood, cream bouclĂ© upholstery, and high-contrast art.


             1 .Your living room receives more foot traffic than any other space in your house. The way you use this space, whether it’s reclining on your sectional sofa to watch TV or entertaining guests, requires it to look great and work hard. The key to creating a lasting, living room design lies in focusing on functionality, style, and quality. Creating a living room that prioritize comfort and aesthetics are essential as trends change.

              2.We understand that each living room has its own decorating challenges. Is your goal to have a cozy living room that your family can enjoy? Is the cozy atmosphere of your small living room too much for your big ideas? Perhaps you want to emphasize some stunning windows with a view, or you might have a challenging fireplace or French doors to deal with. It’s not easy to meet all your criteria, without a plan, but we’ve compiled the best living room examples to inspire your decorating project and make the process easier.

                3.Modern home design is often perceived as being cold, stark, and even a little bit boring. The truth is, it isn’t entirely like that. The perception of modern home design is often one of coldness, starkness, and even boredom. Regardless of the overall feel of the home, a touch of modern design can be incorporated into any living room.


                  1.Modern living rooms are constructed to meet the needs of today’s lifestyles and are designed to be comfortable and inviting. Even though’modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are often thought of as synonyms and used interchangeably, they have a technical distinction. Modernism and midcentury modern architecture and design are the roots of a modern interior for interior designers and architects, and a contemporary interior is defined by styles that reflect the late 20th century to the present. But to everyone else, the word’ modern’ is simply a shorthand for interiors that feel fresh, inviting, and contemporary.

                   2.Modern living rooms use past design styles and aesthetics, but they also break from tradition to create spaces that are centered around a particular sensibility instead of a particular style. Designed to promote relaxed family time and casual entertaining. Living rooms have evolved to include comfortable seating, natural light, and flexible layouts that can be part of an open plan space, as well as dining rooms that share space with kitchens, a significant change from the stuffy and formal living rooms of the past.