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Our company manufactures lathe machines, milling machines, drill machines, and SPM machines. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is our vision as a leading manufacturer of quality machines at affordable prices.

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By rotating an object about an axis of rotation, these devices can perform different operations in a wide range of industries. Drilling, cutting, sanding, turning, metal working, wood working, and glass working are some of the operations they perform in manufacturing processes.   

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milling machine

Metal industry, milling machines are tools that consist of cutters that have numerous functions. Milling machines are well known for their adjustable features that allow them to cut precisely. It has become one of the most important and advanced machines among manufacturers.

Capstan Lathe

The Capstan lathe is a productive machine suitable for turning, drilling, boring, fancing & threading. It is equipped with a Norton Gearbox, a semi-skilled jaw Chuck, longitudinal power feed & manual feed. As well as the rotation of the Turret Head, a longitudinal stop is provided. The Stop Rod revolves automatically along with it.

Centre lathe

centre lathe
To perform various operations, such as cutting, sanding, knurling, and drilling, a center lathe rotates a workpiece around a central axis. 
We are leading manufacturers of large lathe machines in India, offering V Belt Driven Gear Head Medium Duty SS Center Lathe Machines.

Bench Lathe Machine

With the help of our Machine Tools, we provide unique products to various industries in India, including Bench Lathe Machine. This is a small lathe that can be used for a small business, orthopedic hospital, forging plant laboratory, as well as your garage.

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