False ceiling design


Change the appearance of any room by using false ceiling designs. When decorating living rooms or bedrooms, adding false ceiling designs is a great way to enhance the definition and lighting of your ceilings. Our range of handpicked false ceiling design ideas includes POP designs, layered and peripheral false ceilings, and more. Discover trendy, modern false ceiling designs that fit your space and budget with Livspace.

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We specialize in designing spaces that represent the essence of modern design and radiate sleek sophistication and timeless elegance.

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Benefits of false ceiling

  1. The general benefit that is known to everyone is that it enhances the aesthetic appearance and proportion of interior spaces. However, there are still many benefits to come. There are many other benefits that false ceiling provides. A few of them are listed below:
  2. Distracts from the visual appeal of the room by concealing ducting and other structural elements.
  3. Works as a heat insulator.
  4. Reducing echo problems is achieved by acting as an acoustic barrier.
  5. Theatres, conference halls, auditoriums, and other places where this is particularly prevalent are theaters, conference halls, and auditoriums.
  6. Is required in health care centers, hospitals, and clinics as an anti-microbial element.
  7. If ceiling tiles are made of mineral fibre or fire-rated wood panels, false ceilings can also act as fire separators.
  8. The duct that is left between the struts and ceiling tiles is where the wiring and hidden lighting system go.

Advantages of false ceiling 

  1. Installing false ceilings can be made easy with the right tools and skilled professionals.
  2. Smooth surfaces and any undulations in the concrete slab can be covered by the use of false ceilings.
  3. Its design is both affordable and customizable.
  4. A false ceiling can create a clean and finished appearance on the ceiling by concealing the ductwork, pipes, and electrical wires.
  5. Sound absorption and acoustics can benefit from it.
  6. Rearranging the panels or fixing the gypsum board is a simple task when repairing.

Disadvantage of false ceiling 

The height of a room can be reduced by a few inches or feet with the use of false ceilings. Maintenance is required to prevent sagging in the case of false ceilings. The false ceiling has the potential to become unstable during natural disasters.