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Quality Work Through Dedication

Installing, repairing, and troubleshooting electrical systems are among the services we provide for homeowners. There is no such thing as a small or large electrical job. Each of our residential electricians provides quality workmanship in a professional and courteous manner. There are never any fees associated with estimates or travel.

Residential Services

With our in-home electrical services, you can expect to receive installation, repair, and maintenance services.


Commercial Services

The needs of the business must always be the focus when it comes to hiring a commercial electrical contractor.

Industrial Services

Wiring and hookup specialists make sure new equipment works properly by helping clients setup new equipment.


Lighting Upgrades

As an outstanding service provider, we install the following: Traditional Light Fixtures, Recessed Light, Energy Efficient Light, Outdoor Lighting, and Pendant Lighting


Install A Ceiling Fan

We are experts at installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can help make any room more beautiful and comfortable. As well as providing a source of air movement, they give a room character. 

Backup Generators

Our Company installs both commercial and residential generators in your surrounding areas. We are committed to ensuring that your generator is installed correctly, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Wiring Upgrades

With our licensed electricians, new or existing cabling and wiring can be installed quickly, television, and data wiring, we can ensure your home or business is ready for the future.

LED Lighting

Lighting with LEDs is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to help the environment. We can help you choose LEDs that will reduce your energy costs in the long run.

Insurance Inspections

 our customers Emergency Assistance with our service professionals meeting warranty conditions, ensuring safe and proper operation, and being available to assist you 24/7. 

Why Choose Us!​

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Upfront Pricing

Using our upfront pricing means you know what you are going to pay before we start the work. We provide fair, competitive estimates for electrical work.

Anytime Service

A preventative maintenance contract is also available from us. Routine preventative maintenance improves the reliability of your wiring, minimizes future repairs

Qualified Experts

All electrical services are available from our electricians - from accent lighting to trip breakers to security lighting, and accessories.


Electrical Installation Service
Electrical Installation Service

New installation services are available for a variety of home projects at Electrical Service. You should be careful when installing ceiling fans, lighting, or hot tubs if you do not know what you are doing. 

Electrical Repair
Electrical Repair

Any electrical problem can be fixed quickly and affordably with our Service. We have the know-how, the tools, and the expertise to take care of any problem you may have.

Electrical Wiring
Electrical Wiring

Our wiring involves the installation of electrical cabling and associated devices, such as circuit boards, switches, sockets, outlets, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.



Outdoor Wiring
Outdoor Wiring

The right lighting arrangements can transform your deck, patio, and landscape lighting, improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space and ensuring safety as well.



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