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When planning a car showroom, there are five things to keep in mind

How you can maximise your dealership design

Car showrooms play a crucial role in helping customers make one of the most expensive purchases they make, which is buying a car.

It’s surprising how lavish new car showrooms can be, with double-height glazing, blazing lights, and expensive stone floors. The realms of internet cafes and branded clothing are not the only thing to considers

Your dealership is required to cater to a range of clients and their needs in an increasingly segmented market. Here’s how. 

 The initial process of gathering information.

Dealers comprehend that the dealership’s operations are equally important as its appearance. Ask yourself:

What is the use of my dealership by my customers and staff in their day-to-day activities?

Is there no obstruction blocking my sales team from seeing the lot?

Are there clear routes for my customers to reach the service area or workshop?

I’m curious about the location of the guest bathroom, can you tell me?

What is the maximum size of the showroom to fit the number of cars we want to display?

What is the number of service bays required in the body shop, given our planning volume and service growth goals? Can you provide me with the number of technicians?

Your sales environment needs to match your customers’ preferences in today’s brand-driven society, where cars and lifestyles overlap.

It’s important to remember that a car dealership scheme is not restricted only to sales. The business model requires after-sales service, so it’s common to have a service reception and parts and workshop facility located on a showroom site.

Customers can anticipate having access to refreshments and wireless or internet connections in coffee bars or lounges at prestige marque dealerships.

Design considerations for a car showroom.

It is important to locate car showrooms on highly visible sites with good accessibility to major transportation routes and an attractive frontage. Displaying your car range is essential, and the layout and orientation of sites and display areas have a significant effect on sales.

 The process of funding and procuring

Design and build is the preferred procurement method for many car showroom developers. It is ideal for this reason because the typical showroom is neither large nor complex.


4) New trends are taking place in dealerships.

Co-located or adjacent showrooms are typically where the dealership locates franchises. The shell construction needs to be able to meet the manufacturer’s specific specifications.


 The considerations for planning permission. 

Planning permission for car dealerships can be a challenge. When it comes to planning, the main worries are:

  • At the start and end of the day, when vehicles are dropped off for servicing and delivery, and picked up, traffic movement is at its peak.
  • The proposed site may not be in the correct local planning zones if it is not visible on major transport routes or near town.